Lab Assessments

Over 100,000 trillion body cells work together to create the human organism.  Each cell breathes, eats, eliminates, produces energy, builds structures, communicates, reproduces and eventually dies. Lab assessments are helpful to evaluate health from the cellular to the systemic.  Tests can help diagnose current imbalances and detect predispositions to many chronic conditions.

A thorough health history and lifestyle assessment usually provides enough information begin a treatment plan.  But to be more effective, labs can be invaluable.   I encourage clients to have a metabolic assessment at least once a year which includes a lipid, complete blood count, liver kidney, and thyroid panel.   I belong to a Labcorp co-operative which offers this composite of tests for $82.  (normally they would be  $250)

I use the following labs.  Click on to their websites for more information.